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Our story

Hello and welcome to LHT Technologies, the absolute hub of advanced IT solutions.


Are you looking for a trustworthy and proficient service for your web development or web hosting needs? Or perhaps you require professional counsel in the IT consulting, cloud consulting or backup consulting domain? Well! Worry not in any case, because at LHT Technologies, we have got you all covered.

About LHT Technologies

LHT Technologies is a proud name in the IT solutions industry. We started back in 2013 as providers of POS solutions to businesses, but with the colossal skill and extreme dedication of our team, we have experienced immense growth over the years and what started as a mere provider of POS solutions has expanded over to a wide array of solutions with web development and web hosting being and most sought-after services. We are also in the business of providing IT services that require onsite presence in the Kansas City of Missouri area.

We help businesses develop their state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to represent their brand in the best way possible, reach the highest number of audience and attract new customers day in day out. We understand that your website is the first step in sparking an interest from customers in your business and in that sense, we also understand what it means to have the perfect IT setup for your business.

What do we stand for?

At LHT technologies, we stand for innovation and creativity of the extreme nature at rates so reasonable that every small business can afford them. Quality, Reliability and Customization are at the core of our business ideology as we believe the perfect IT solution is the one which is best tailored for every individual customer and provides a reliable functionality over a reasonably long period of time. We envision providing IT solutions to all those businesses who have the vision for successful ventures but not enough resources to realise their vision. We aim to bring IT solutions at the doorstep of business enterprises at rates so reasonable that every small to medium business enterprise can afford them.

Create business impressions that last a lifetime

The first impression as they say is the last impression. In the IT world, your website is the best representation of your business. The impact that your website design has on customer perception of your business is of sheer importance. From providing you with an attractive, most suitable domain name for your website, creating an aesthetically pleasing website design that catches the customer’s eye on the first visit to incorporating the design features which make the use of the website the easiest for the customers, LHT Technologies makes sure to take care of everything that is valuable for business.

Exploit Premium Services at Affordable Pricing

Being the professional designers of websites and providers of web hosting services, we completely understand that newly established, emerging businesses usually have their budgets all planned out and spending high on IT services and websites is not always a feasible option for them. This is where we come in, we provide you with the highest quality services but at extremely affordable rates. This works out best for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who wish to have the best possible designs/solutions without having to spend a fortune. LHT Technologies combines premium services and affordable rates to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Why hire us?

At LHT Technologies, we understand each and every expectation that a customer may have from our services. Our highly experienced staff proactively identifies the requirements of customers and makes sure to give an aesthetic look to designs that suits the customer’s liking. We believe in absolute customer satisfaction and our staff is trained to please the customers with their services, not just satisfy them. Our low-cost policy makes us an ideal fit for businesses who want to utilize their budgets in the most efficient of ways, enabling them to get the best service for their business without having to go deep into their pockets.

We have developed hundreds of websites over the years and our team has collected enormous experience, we know every in and out of the IT world and are ready to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions within a very reasonable timeframe. We are ready to serve but the only thing you need to do is to ask yourself “Are you ready to be served?”.

Your ideal IT solution is now just a click away. CONTACT TODAY and enjoy the deal of your lifetime.

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